Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buhari and the anti-graft war

  • The behemothic setback from the President’s trip to the US has positioned the nation in a different but defined direction and focus. The president and team are now home and work and efforts needs to make headway and swift action need to be implemented, there is basically no time to procrastinate anymore, the whole project and agenda need to start getting actualized and enforced. The blatant and bold reply from the US in aiding our military who have been tagged "Human rights violators" is by no means a profound issue but notwithstanding, the country has to move forward and as a sovereign and independent nation, we need to do it only our way (in Frank Sinatra's voice).

  • The president is no doubt engrossed with the huge task and responsibility of moving the country forward and he definitely can not handle it all by himself, ditto the APC (they can't change the country without the PDP). The two contrasting ideologists need to come together, think with common minds and analyze critically the befitting modalities and standards. If truth be told, the new government need to and probably are already making sure the anti graft war is their top priority in the recovery process of the past government pilferers and plunderers. It will totally mitigate and support the policy status and economical standard of our present derailed and crumbling economical society.

  • But of course, there is a flip side to that coin as well. The corruption syndrome which befalls this great country is immensely interwoven and intertwined, sometimes when you dig the ground too deep, it just might channel to even your home. No government parastatals can eat deep into the nation's wealth and go scot free without the support of some top officials and these days none of these top official selfishly devour the improperly amassed wealth without sharing with the lords and godfathers. You and I know some people just can't be brought to justice, when investigations links to them directly, it becomes highly classified and most times dismissed.

  • The anti-graft war is the only fair solution to recovering all the looted funds from the past leaders and governments. The past presidents, the governors, the senators, ministers and other civil service offices need to be properly investigated and adequate account and balancing need to be enforced. For the selfish growth of this nation, office holders need to be held accountable for their time and regime of leadership and control. Crude price is down, internal revenue is low, foreign debt on the high, economic breakdown eminent. Where else do we turn to?

  • In essence, anti graft war might tenaciously make the nation or tear the nation apart. President Muhammadu Buhari will perform no doubt, but this country and the citizens have unique mode of surviving every bad and hard situations that have ultimately proved overtime to make us stronger and united despite our multicultural diversity. 

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