Saturday, July 18, 2015

Boko Haram, Peace and Amnesty

The Boko Haram sect public outburst and life threat on Thisday Newspaper Journalist Adeola Akinremi has no doubt raised some comments and aroused altogether some touch of popularity on the bloke. However, I strongly believe the insurgent group is right to be deeply infuriated with his view and angle of objective. Opinions no doubt vary with strong regards to the presidency's comments via Femi Adesina's twitter account which reiterates the president’s empathy to grant the insurgent sect some, amnesty!

There are many things I do really fantasize and dream about but being an object of threat from Boko Haram is surely not in my league of wishes and if you ask me I will incisively enunciate and mumble out the words that they surely deserve some amnesty (hey! hold it with the abuses), you might want to reason and share my views. 

I personally believe our military cannot abrogate and finally annihilate the Boko Haram group. This is not to undermine the much invaluable and passionate efforts of the military but to annotate and shed more light on some political, military and ethnic affiliation which is intensely and abjectly interwoven with the insurgency that have come to be a part of our everyday newspaper reviews. 

Less we forget, I would refer us back to the fact that the Boko Haram group have changed their identity, style and logo to the famous Iraqi terrorist group ISIS in the middle east. It's a whole bigger division than the average Nigerian probably envisage and so many nations including United Nations and International groups have been joining heads and efforts to defeat the prowess of ISIS globally for some years now. They are international terrorist groups who have spread their tentacles widely across the globe. 

The main reason many people (may be Mr Aderemi inclusive) are so much against the amnesty grant conception is plainly because the issue had been raised during President GEJ's regime and it must be stated also that it was widely antagonized by the then opposition, APC, who also controlled the wave and pattern of focus of the people, albeit the multiple devastating and inhumane bloodshed. 

Whatever purpose the Boko Haram turned ISWAP (Islamic State's West Africa Province) was established or founded on, it has ultimately disappeared into thin air. The initial mission, aim and course have been hijacked and stolen. It's gravely beyond politics now or ethnicity, it's bigger than our primary line of thought and truthfully far greater than the Nigerian military. Peace through amnesty is the true and only mean. 

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